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Barbara B.

Looks cozy and homey.  The puppies are cute.  You would pick the one speckled one out of the litter of snow-white dogs.

Hawks Eyes

It is cozy and homey. Spring is the only season I haven't spent here yet... can't wait.

Scamp was a special order. When I lost Taffy, I told Bill if Lilly had a pup that looked like Little Bear, I wanted it. Little Bear has such a wonderful disposition. A real sweetheart. All of the pups are adorable and have wonderful personalities, but Scamp tugged at my heartstrings from the get-go. He is truly the best of Lilly and Little Bear. I think he's going to be bigger than his Dad, and he's already becoming leader of the pack with the older dogs. All of the other pups ended up in homes in Greenfield, MA. The first one went to an RN in a Greenfield Nursing Home. She brought her to work to show her off to the patients and that produced interest in the others. All have found homes with RN's and CNA's at the nursing home, and they go to work every day with their owners and visit the patients. We couldn't have asked for better homes for any of them.


[this is good]

Oh my goodness!  I love all of your pictures!  I can just hear the hush of the woods, the squeakiness of the snow as you walk through it.  ~sigh~  I miss snow.  It sure does look like are living in a small piece of Heaven.  Thanks for sharing!

The puppy is just uber cute, too! 

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