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[this is good] i think the fact that you are both guild wars players is tremendously awesome. i work, and i also have lots of other projects (in the real world :)), so like you guys, i also play GW to relax as well.  i'm currently guild-less, which is currently alright, since the advanced henchmen command system seems to be working for me just nicely.  i just wanted to drop on in to say hello.

so, hello!


Hawks Eyes


Thanks for the comment. We don't play that much ourselves during the summer months. (It's too nice outside to be indoors.) How long have you been playing. Still new to the game here.. what are advanced henchmen??? We have "heros" that we prefer to use over henchmen most of the time. I'm excited about the new game coming out. We are still building our guid hall up, storage agent is the only benefit provided. Like I said in my post... it's a hobby, not a career.

If you are looking for a guild, you are welcome to join us. Our guild has no demands. Strictly pleasure...

HawksEyees.... Joanie :)

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